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June 26, 2016

Tips on Keep Your Blog Updates | Draft Posting Flow

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Lately, I have been taking blogging seriously. I began to updating any post at any categories as long that I posted something in my blog weekly. To be honest, I am kind of proud of myself cause tho I've seen broken english grammar everywhere in this blog but I do progress. I have achieved my weekly goal *my goal in a week I'll update two to three blog post*. Guess what? I did it! Maybe for 3 weeks already.

The thing is, while blogwalking the most common, top and first of their blog post are 'lama tak update..', 'i dont know what to update', 'fuuh fuuh bersarang dah blog ni' and further with several apology for their non-existent or not updating any blog post. Its not a crime tho since I do have the same kind of blog post before. Cause at that time I really feel its somewhat cool. But I never post like that again since I know no one will really cares. 

People read your blog for two reasons :
1. To solve their problem
2. To entertain themselves

June 24, 2016

Of teeth and dental floss.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Gigi anda berlubang? Cos me yes.

When I'm in primary school, dentist used to praise me for the beautiful teeth I have.

"Pandai kamu jaga gigi". Dalam hidung kembang kempis tu boleh lah juga angguk sikit, bangga katanye.

After several years..

Pencarian Bloglist Sesi Julai by Aisyhah Nyais

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I need to be popular makes some blogger friend, so lets join this segmen Aisyah Nyais. Alaa yg blogger popular tu, besides her design is awesome and I always enjoy seeing her blogger cute blogger template. ^^ 

Blogger friend that I tag : Budak Geek & Alyani 

Just a quick note that I'll blogwalking all the address link that join this segment. Readya soon! 

June 22, 2016

Book Review | Cerita Budak Design

Assalamualaikum wbt

"Jadi, untuk aku hilangkan kekeliruan itu, aku tulis buku. Supaya, satu hari nanti bila aku terkeliru lagi, aku baca buku ini,boleh buat aku tersedar kembali bahawa satu masa dulu aku adalah seorang designer yang ada visi. Ataupun tidak.
Who Cares?" - H. Benjamin

I highly recommend this book if you are the person who hati sado dengan bebelan abg long. Majoriti isi dalam buku ni is : BEBELAN. Yes, thats the right term I can found, and yes its still ilmiah and banyak ibrah yang boleh di ambil.

Coach handbag Malaysia | Style You Up!

Assalamualaikum wbt, 

Hey they fellas, I pray that y’all keep your momentum at it highest in this Ramadan. Amiin. On the previous Sunday, beside watching movies, I also brought a new handbag for myself as my previous handbag got problem with its handle. 

That make me thinking, as a woman, we brought our stuff derived from what are the things we need to put in our bag (or its just me? haha). As a photographer I used to bring along my DSLR camera weighted 500gram. So for me its always necessary to have a bigger space in my bag to compressed all together the DSLR, wallet, cheque book, some books and maybe some cosmetics (I used compact powder only) into it.

In the end what matter the most is how functioning my handbag are, whether it can carry or sustainable enough for all the stuff that I compressed in. And of course, modern and stylish bag were also taken into account. Why does it sound like im referring to Coach’s handbags? Haha.